Meet the Government and Parish requirements  for working with children. This involves applying for a Working With Children Check Clearance and completing a Teacher Engagement Form.


The jurisdiction of a Parish Priest. The geographical area from which families come to attend the Parish Church or attend the local Catholic or Public School/s.


A volunteer or paid teacher working in Public Schools committed to the Faith Development and Religious Education of Catholic children in government schools.  Catechists are personally called to witness and proclaim the Gospel values of Jesus.

Reportable Conduct 


The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) is a worldwide organisation concerned with faith education. It began with the work of lay people in Milan, Italy in 1556. The CCD supports and encourages the work of Catechists in each Diocese.


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct gives guidance in areas where staff and volunteers need to make personal and ethical decisions. The Diocese of Lismore Catechist Code of Conduct is aligned with the Department of Education’s Code of Conduct, and Catechists are expected to be aware of and follow both.



The Curriculum approved for use in the Diocese of Lismore is Christ our Light and Life.



Parish Coordinator: Assists the Parish Priest to organise Catechists, allocate classes, manage resources, and liaise with the Priest and Diocesan Coordinator.

Diocesan Coordinator: Assists the Bishop to organise Parish Coordinators, verify WWCC numbers, facilitate training and liaise with State and NAtional organisations including CCRESS, NCCD and ICCOREIS.



Catholic Conference of Religious Educators in State Schools. 

Promotes the Mission of the Catholic Church by assisting families of Catholic Students attending State Schools in NSW and the ACT through programs of religious education and catechesis. Click on the link above for the complete Charter of CCRESS.



 Curriculum is the subject matter taught to students or an arrangement of instructional materials. The Authorised curriculum for Catholic students in the Lismore Diocese is Christ our Light and Life, however, other curriculums authorised for use include Connect (Christian Education Publications) and Godspace (Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT), which can be used in Combined or Joint-Denominational arrangements.



There are eleven dioceses in NSW, each with a Bishop who has charge of all the parishes contained in the geographical area. The Lismore Diocese extends from Tweed Heads in the North down to Laurieton in the south. The Lismore Diocese is bordered by the Armidale Diocese in the west and Maitland-Newcastle in the south. 

Click on this link to view the Maps and Boundaries of  Dioceses in NSW.



Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools. ICCOREIS represents many churches that provide religious education in public schools in NSW. ICCOREIS encourage consultation and cooperation between members. Their goal is to support, promote and develop quality religious education in public schools while respecting the integrity of each member and other approved providers.



To Know Worship and Love text. The COLAL curriculum was based on this text book which is used by Catholic schools in the Lismore Diocese.



National Confraternity of Christian Doctrine  This National body meets to network, support and collaborate biennially.