Christ our Light and Life”  COLAL

 Christ our Light and Life (COLAL) is designed and approved for use as the main resource of Special Religious Education (SRE) for Catholic children attending public schools in the Lismore Diocese. 

This program meets the legislative requirements of the NSW Department of Education and Training and has been specifically written for volunteer Catholic SRE teachers.

“Christ Our Light and Life” explores the significance of human life experiences then relates those to the gospel message. Through a variety of strategies, students respond to what they have learned.

The programs are designed to be most appropriate for the age of the students they have been prepared for. However, it may be possible, where necessary, to use the programs with students one year younger or one year older than recommended.

Catechists teaching multi-age classes should discuss their students’ needs with the CCD Co-ordinator.

Click here to look at the COLAL Overview, Scope and Sequence and Lesson Topics.

Review and Revision

The Christ our Light and Life  curriculum series is purposely reprinted each year so that updates and revisions may be made.  A process of cyclic review is in place that is undertaken every five years by the Archdiocese of Sydney who supplies us with our curriculum material.

Version Control

Whilst new books are printed for each new school year, the Diocesan Coordinator will be informed of revisions to advise their local-level Parish SRE Catechist Co-ordinators, so that students have the same version of the Student Activity Book or their SRE teacher is aware to make any minor changes if using up books ordered from a previous year.

Supplementary Resources

Catechists may from time to time bring additional resources to classes such a Holy Pictures, Religious Devotional items such as a statue or rosary beads, short stories and the like to build upon or enhance on the curriculum provided, especially in seasons such as Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, a Solemnity, or Feast Days of the Church.

Christ our Light and Life is informed by the following practical principles:

Formation in faith is a life-long journey. Life itself is the context of any religious education program;

The needs of students change over time. Therefore, a variety of teaching methods are required over time;

The students’ lives influence their expressions of faith. Thus catechists’ teaching strategies will respond to and respect the cultural diversity of students and their families;

The family is the basic community of the Church. Links between the home, parish and school are discovered and encouraged.