Special Religious Education in Public Schools

Where possible, Catholic SRE is taught in Public Schools by Catechists, otherwise known as SRE Teachers.

SRE is provided in Public Schools under Section 32 of the Education Act 1990 which requires that: ‘in every government school, time is to be allowed for the religious education of children of any religious persuasion’.

This means there is a historical and legal basis for the provision of Special Religious Education as part of the education of children and young people in New South Wales Public Schools. The following document provides additional information about how SRE is implemented:   

 Special Religious Education Procedures  

What is a Catechist

Catechists are parish volunteers who…

Have a passion for sharing the gift of faith with young people.

Teach and share their faith with children of their parish who attend government schools.

Have a couple of hours per week spare to share their time and talents with young people.

Are people who respond to the central mission of the Church to make Jesus known and loved.

The fundamental vocation and mission of the parish is:

“to be a place in the world for the community of believers to gather together as a sign and instrument of the vocation of all to communion, in a word, to be a house of welcome and a place of service to all.”                                                                                            Pope Saint John Paul II          

For those who cannot or do not attend Catholic Schools, SRE provides a religious dimension in state schooling which contributes to a Catholic education. The parish has a responsibility to assist parents to provide a Catholic education for their children according to circumstances.

Catechists, (Catholic SRE teachers)  offer the genuinely human values of the Gospel as a contribution to the personal development of students.

Catechists assist the Parish Priest to fulfil his obligations in Religious Education as well as assist and support parents in their responsibility.

“Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers,and if he does listens to teachers, it is because they are witnesses.” 
Pope Saint Paul VI  

Catholic SRE is managed in NSW Public Schools by the

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.