Special Religious Education


Special Religious Education (SRE) for Catholic students in Public Schools, is managed by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD). CCD is a worldwide organisation concerned with faith education. It began with the work of lay people in Milan, Italy in 1556.

In 1960 when the “Motor Missions” were set up in the Lismore Diocese, Catechists were able to receive support, help and formation in the parishes where the sisters operated.

In 1993 a CCD Director for the Diocese of Lismore was appointed by Bishop John Satterthwaite. The role of the Director is to support all the Catechists in the Diocese in meeting the requirements of the Department of Education with regard to Authorisation, Training and Curriculum.


Catechists are men and women who are committed to the Faith Development and Religious Education of Catholic children in government schools and volunteer for this ministry. They strive to ensure the inclusion of the children and their families in the local parish community.
“Fan into a flame the gift that God gave you”