Confraternity of Christian Doctrine  (CCD)


The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) is a worldwide organisation concerned with faith education. It began with the work of lay people in Milan, Italy in 1556.

It received the approbation of succeeding Popes and in 1905 Pius X decreed that it be established in every parish. In the late 1950s and 60s it was established in most dioceses of Australia to meet the crisis of increased numbers of Catholic school children in government schools, one reason being the post war immigration influx.

In 1960 when the “Motor Missions” were set up in the Lismore Diocese, the catechists were able to receive support, help and formation in the parishes where the sisters operated.

In 1993 a CCD Director for the Diocese of Lismore was appointed by Bishop John Satterthwaite. The role of the Director is to support all the Catechists in the Diocese in meeting the requirements of the Department of Education with regard to Authorisation, Training and Curriculum.


Catechists believe they are:

  • called to participate in the mission of Jesus through the ministry of the Church.
  • personally called to witness and proclaim the Gospel values of Jesus.
  • committed to the Faith Development and Religious Education of Catholic children in government schools.
  • men and women of faith who volunteer for this ministry and strive to ensure the inclusion of the children and their families in the local parish community.
  • conscious of their responsibility to participate in ongoing formation and teacher development programs.


Symbol of the Catechist Mission

The Trinitarian nature of Christian faith is expressed in:

The outer circle (Father creator of the world)
The Cross (Christ the Redeemer)                        
The Pentecostal flame of the Spirit (Sanctifier)         

Our mission is to take the knowledge and love of the Gospel (red flame),

which leads to Christ (cross), to our catholic children in government schools

and hopefully through them reaching their parents

and families (outer circle, the world).


The Scripture passage for our mission is:

“Fan into a flame the gift that God gave you” 2 Tim 1:6